Manifesto for Being

RampOrRye a is label built on decision making, hence the name Ramp (go skate, ride, move) or Rye (be raw, be social, have a drink, enjoy the craft). Both self-expressive both crafty, both risky. We believe in iteration - as in practicing your craft, the balance its takes & the recipe tweaks required.

As curious designers we set out to create clothing that explores our obsession with the nuances of porch culture and this notion of family values. We thrive on local observations, like SALE signs at gas stations, deli specials, 2 for 1 at the off license, crumby ice cream fridges at the dairy, and straight up poor typography that scholars will scoff at. For us it's the pure pleasure of making mistakes, the impulse purchase that is pretty much always a good decision.

All statements are bold values up for interpretation.

Our wears are of quality and our prints are of substance. At least we stand for that. 

We are an independent designer label based in Detroit. Exporting to the world.

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RampOrRye is for the porch proud. 
We are the porch couture.

When asked who we admire; Avenue Skateboards, the Gucci Ghost (trouble Andrew), Jon Wexler and Thirstin Howls Lo Life & yes David Carson, RIP Ray Gun. 

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